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Dynamic Decisions

Consulting, installation, upgrade, maintenance, performance, and support.
Microsoft ERP, CRM, Cloud, database and software technologies.

Dynamic Addressing

Rapid entry, verified addresses and GPS location

Dynamic Performance

ERP, CRM and SQL Server audits, optimisation and maintenance.

Dynamic Payroll

Fully featured and integrated payroll for Australia.

Dynamics 365, Azure, Performance, Microsoft SQL, Dyamics ERPs, CRM, and Cloud Specialists

1300 796 027

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365, deployment, modifications, maintenance, and support.   Your company will gain productivity improvements though some of Australia’s most experienced and qualified Dynamics 365 consultants.

Business Intelligence

Perhaps Australia’s only Dynamics partner with dedicated Applied Statisticians. Microsoft R experts bring “big data” statistical skills to intuitive Power BI reporting framework.  Our senior statistician has over 20 years’ of OLAP creation, maintenance, and development experience.


Performance optimisation guaranteed .  Microsoft SQL Server – All applications (not just Dynamics ERPs and CRM).  All versions.  Dynamics ERPs and CRM optimisation. All versions and variants.

Dynamic Payroll

Fully integrated Dynamics 365 payroll.  Multiple implementation options, including the option no task user license for employee payroll portal. Compatible with all Dynamics 365 ERPs, Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV.

Dynamic Addressing

Rapid and accurate Australian address entry and validation.  Perfect for logistics organisations with automatic GPS location based on the address.

Business Consultancy

Business process analysis, re-engineering, and advice. We can assist in creating business process maps of your existing “as-is” systems and design of new “to-be” systems.

Dedicated Support

Reliable, qualified, and professional maintenance and support staff.   Dynamic Decisions provides responsive, cost effective support.  Various support packages are violable to suit your needs.

Cloud Specialists

Our qualified architects can setup, maintain and audit cloud solutions.

SaaS Microservice Integration

Experts in increasing the capabilities of any product by integration to cloud applications.  Software as a Service (SaaS) power allows clients to add almost any available feature into their product, from recruitment automation to data validation.

Database Administration

Experience Database Administrators can ensure your Microsoft SQL Server has appropriate maintenance, performance, optimisation and backups.

Disaster Management

We create, audit and maintain disaster management plans, business continuity plans, and disaster recovery.

Bespoke Solutions

Every ERP implementation requires customisation to suit business needs. We create bespoke modules and modifications, while maintaining the base product as unchanged as possible for ease of future upgrades and integration to other products.

Why Choose Us ?

Our consultants are some of the most experienced in the industry. We have consultants with individual experience of over 20 year’s software development, 16 years’ of mobile development, and over 12 years’ hands-on Dynamics experience. Our consultants have worked in senior positions with Australia’s largest Information Technology firms, and most of the major Dynamics partners in Australia.  They have also been employees of national and international clients, in roles such as ERP Manager, Database Administrator, Senior Consultant, and Solution Architect.

Our consultants are Microsoft certified, and also hold MBAs, Bachelor degrees, and higher research degrees, including Masters and Honours degrees.

Most of our consultants are multi-skilled whereas many competitors focus on “functional” or “technical” consultants. For instance, our team has a Senior Solution Architect with decades software development experience who also hold MBA in Management Accounting.  Other consultants have had roles as state and national presidents of Australian not-for-profits, Managing Directors and every role in-between.

Our prices are cheaper than our competitors because “we do it right the first time”. We are also honest, and we don’t play the “bait-and-switch” tactic that some of our competitors use of putting in a very low priced quotation for a project and then stating almost any reasonable configuration or modification is an “out-of-scope change request”. We don’t charge for “rework”, where the job wasn’t done properly the first time. We keep our physical offices to a minimum, allowing our consultants to work from home, work from your site or work from temporary office spaces throughout Australia.  We have an off-shore team that can provide quality assured reporting, maintenance, support, development, and data migration at a fraction of the price charged by our competitors.

Want a quote? Contact us now!

Our staff can provide quotes for your support, development or deployment needs.  Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quotation.