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Dynamic Decisions

Consulting, installation, upgrade, maintenance, performance, and support.
Microsoft ERP, CRM, Cloud, database and software technologies.

Dynamic Addressing

Rapid entry, verified addresses and GPS location

Dynamic Performance

ERP, CRM and SQL Server audits, optimisation and maintenance.

Dynamic Payroll

Fully featured and integrated payroll for Australia.

About Us

About Dynamic Decisions - Who we are and what we do

Who we are

Dynamic Decisions is an honest company that hires the best staff, treats them well, and has the best outcome for the client in mind.  That’s who we are.

What we do

Dynamic Decisions is a Microsoft partner that implements, develops, supports and optimises Microsoft Dynamics products. We are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), an leading experts in Dynamics AX, NAV, GP and SL implementations, upgrades, and performance optimisation. However, our team have diverse skills and can provide business consultation, general development and administration tasks all at a reasonable rate.

We work with clients to meet their business needs and to optimise performance and productivity.  One of our most common requests is to optimise performance issues in Microsoft Dynamics systems, however we are also the “go-to” company to help save systems and projects supplied by other vendors.

Although we are a Microsoft Partner, we focus on providing clients with quality controlled, market leading solutions at a reasonable price. We are not focused on licensing and instead focus on delivering complete solutions that are most the cost-effective and practical outcome for clients.

We particularly focus on Dynamics reporting (Management Reporter, FRX, SSRS, Atlas, Power BI and many other platforms).  We also focus on infrastructure, both assessing and providing physical/cloud based systems, implementation, maintenance, performance and optimisation.  We have System Administrators, Database Administrators, and Database Developers/optimisers with up to 20 years’ experience

We have an honesty mantra that “we don’t lie”. Google the addresses of your current Dynamics partner or almost any Dynamics Partner in Australia and see how many of their offices are “real” offices and how many are using the ServCorp model (Regis, Mail Boxes Etc, and so on).  They are being deceptive about their addresses being their office? They do this to appeal to locations where they don’t actually have offices or staff, giving the false impression they have local resources at that location. If your partner is willing to lie to you about their office locations, ask yourself “where do they draw the line on what are they willing to lie about?”  At Dynamic Decisions “we don’t lie”.

We are open and honest about the fact that we too use ServCorp as they offer a flexible system of office rentals throughout Australia, most of our consultants work from client locations.  ServCorp allows us to have office space and meetings with clients in some of the most convenient and well located offices in their city. If our competitors were that honest we would lose our “honesty niche” in the market.

For any prospective customer there would be an agreed hourly or daily rate that would depend on the expected requirement of:

  • Number and duration of on-site workshops
  • Location
  • Functional Specification development
  • Technology
  • Timeframe (milestone dates)
  • Length of engagement

The benefits are:

  • Honesty and a set of core values the company lives by
  • Qualified professionals – formally educated and Microsoft Certified
  • Optionally, a team of well trained international support staff that provide quality controlled work at a very reasonable price.
  • A quality assurance processes
  • A focus on core deliverables without the approach very low initial quote, but then many of “out-of-scope” change requests which seems to be the standard approach of most partners.
  • No lock-in contract. Unlike most partners you are free to engage or disengage at any time that suits you.
  • Post-go-live support, including reasonable rework, such as bug-fixes.

If this is of interest to your company, please drop us a line.