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Dynamic Performance

Performance Audit and Analysis

At Dynamic Decisions we have decades of experience auditing systems to identify the cause of performance issues and their solutions.

We have created a multi-step approach to performance audit.

  • Use standard Windows performance monitoring tools
  • Use standard Microsoft SQL performance monitoring and analysis tools. and a range of custom audit scripts to identify areas for improvement.
  • Run advanced statistical “root cause” impact analysis.

This performance approach is unique to Dynamic Decisions, allowing a staged performance audit and optimisation process that starts with an overview of performance and that ends with the identification of the mist granular of impact analysis.

We can identify which specific actions (such as loading a customer) impact other actions within the database. This approach means an otherwise appropriately indexed and optimised table and query – as identified by our competitors – can still be identified as a bottleneck of performance and rectified.

Overview Audit

Performance has three competing factors:

  1. Server
  2. Software
  3. Network

The speed of your application is due to the combined performance of each factor.  Whether the it’s a website or an ERP, Dynamic Decisions can audit your system, determine the greatest limiting factors and provide options for addressing them.  This is most easily assessed through Windows performance tracing and monitoring tools.

Software Audit

Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics AX have advanced tracing and performance optimisation tools.  Our staff are trained and certified in the use of these tools.  We have staff who have 18 years’ experience as Microsoft Database Administrators, and employees with 11 years’ experience in Microsoft Dynamics AX administration.  We will identify the bottlenecks, and make performance improvements to code and structure.

Advanced Statistical Analysis

The final audit is so unique that it puts Dynamic Decisions into a league of our own. We create an audit based on the combined skills of our best Business Intelligence applied statisticians, Database Administrators and ERP technical consultants.  The result is the identification of bottlenecks in otherwise well designed, well indexed, and well coded systems.  This audit has resulted in Dynamics Decisions identifying and rectifying performance issues that have been beyond the skills of other partners.